The only Customer Data Platform that supports any cloud, anywhere in the world.

Connect and activate your customer data from online and offline sources!


All of your data –

together at last

Meiro collects, cleanses, automatically consolidates, and prepares all of your customer data into a persistent profile combining behavioral attributes from many touchpoints.

Flexibility of customer

t data location

Meiro Customer Data Platform is designed to deploy where your infrastructure is so your data doesn’t have to travel and stays safe. On-premise? Private or hybrid cloud? AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Alibaba cloud? We got you covered on where you are. Take advantage of the only CDP in the market that comes to your data, not the other way around.


360° data governance &


Your customer data is valuable, sensitive, and needs to be managed properly. With Meiro, you have a full, high-quality, unified view of all of your data. Data workflows and regulatory compliance are made simple, and you’re in control.

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Meiro offers unlimited connectivity

Our data integration layer handles any data source and any destination, guaranteed.

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